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The biggest reason to buy 50cc scooters is that they offer budget and eco-friendly, comfortable transportation for shorter distances. Okay, that’s a given. Thanks Captain Obvious.
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Before searching various 50cc scooters for sale, read this whole piece and gain info about their usefulness, engines, efficiency, and safety. We highly recommend the purchase of 50cc scooters, in lieu of any safety concerns, but let’s talk about the safety of 50cc scooters for a bit right now.

Top 3 Safety Concerns of 50cc Scooters

Here’s some people riding 50cc scooters. Which of the two riders below is the safer rider?

50cc-scooters Safety
Who’s Safer On Their 50cc Scooters? A) Female with a brain-bucket, but open footwear & minimal clothing; B) Male with full face helmet, boots, long pants, leather jacket.

Even though a motorcycle license is NOT required, we want you to be ready before riding on an open road or anywhere else for that matter. Despite how small and light they are, there still are some safety concerns.

  1. Visibility – smallness can render the rider slightly hidden to other vehicles. Be cautious so you don’t get hit.
  2. Protection – openness can present amazing experiences, but a fall isn’t one of them.
  3. Speed – quickness won’t be an issue for any racing dangers, but if you need to quickly dart out of the way of something, you’ll find they’re somewhat sluggish.

Make yourself visible; if you fall, there’s not much between you and the pavement; watch ahead to avoid obstacles and potential hazards that may jump out at you.

Always be aware of your surroundings prepare ahead for the above three scenarios.

Why 50cc Scooters Size Matters

50cc Scooters are like Spider VS ShoeThere certainly are pros and cons to the size factor of 50cc scooters. As pointed out above under Safety Concerns of 50cc Scooters their visibility can be an issue similar to the way a spider has visibility issues with your shoe, or a mouse has visibility issues with an elephant. If not seen, the little ones can be crushed.

On 50cc scooters, you are so much more nimble than a car or truck. You can go where they cannot.

Because of their size, it’s so easy to find parking spaces for 50cc scooters.

When riding little 50cc scooters, you have to place yourself in the field of vision of others to ensure that you are seen. Harley Davidson motorcycles use loud pipes to announce their presence to larger vehicles, but I’m afraid that you won’t be able to make a scoot very loud, except for its horn. If you rely on the horn, it may be too late. Just be aware that, when on 50cc scooters, you’re harder to see. Avoid blind spots, ride with your lights on, and stay in the clear of hazards.

Another concern that smallness presents is that, although 50cc scooters are the best choice for navigating busy streets and easy commutes, they don’t pose much difficulty to thieves. Small and light items can be picked up and carted away by any pick ’em up truck and one or two people. Think security with your ride. Always be prepared to lock it up or store it inside a secure area.

Consider placing belongings into additional compartments with locks or carry them with you as a precaution for burglary. Using a quality lock and chain is probably a practical solution to secure your ride. One step further would be to always park inside a locked room. Some are equipped with alarms, and even if yours isn’t, one can be added easily enough. Did you know that you can even get engine immobilizers?


Why Are 50cc Scooters Ideal?

50cc Scooters are ideal for short distance commutes or tour rides around the area. What makes them so ideal? Aside from the benefits of the relatively small size of 50cc scooters, there are several other features that make ’em so great.

50cc Scooters Versus Other Vehicles Consider an elephant and a mouse in a crowded fair ground. The big elephant is awkward and cumbersome, even slow. It gets really hungry and eats a lot. Don’t forget that the elephant gets held up by the crowd unless it blows its horn a lot. Meanwhile the mouse is small and agile, able to maneuver through the crowd swiftly and silently. It hardly eats anything. Furthermore, the elephant is afraid of the mouse!

50cc scooters are just plain comfortable, unless you try to circumnavigate the whole state on one. They are so unencumbered, you can move around and shift your seating. There’s nothing but space above and beside you. You can even stand up at stop lights.

More over, you can see everything — take in all the sights. That’s why they’re so commonly rented to tourists and sightseers.

Many models can reach 30 or 35 miles per hour, yet are to an extraordinary degree fuel efficient.

There just ain’t much that can break. They don’t have a lot of parts to have to replace like cars to. 50cc scooters are really simple transportation — easy and cheap to fix. If you can’t fix one, Hot Street Scooters can service it for you.

You can see and feel everything when riding 50cc scooters. Take in all the sights. Enjoy the sun and smell the aroma of the area. It’s all there for you as you easily scoot around.

YES! Drum roll please! The Number One Reason why 50cc scooters are ideal — very little barrier to entry cost-wise.

Four-stroke 50cc Scooters Versus Two Strokes

Four-stroke engines are very fuel-efficient. Generally more efficient than two stroke engines by about 25%, four stroke engines breathe better (fresh air in for better combustion, used air out of the way faster).

Four stroke engines also have radically better emissions, and due to less carbon, you’ll have to spend much less on replacement spark plugs.

Four stroke engines last longer. The two stroke 50cc scooters are much less reliable engines with a shorter life because their parts work twice as hard and run very, very hot.

Four stroke engines don’t produce that annoying high pitched note of a 2-stroke exhaust.

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